Your Self-Storage Questions Answered

Can I allow other people to access my self-storage container?

That’s entirely up to you. When you hire your container we give you two keys for the padlock, if you choose to let some else have access that is your decision and we respect that.

Can I rent a padlock?

We issue a high security padlock with each self-storage container let and provided it is returned at the end the use is all included in the price.

Does Store Anything offer a price match or promise?

No, we are the most competitive self-storage facility in the area anyway and find that price matches offered are so restrictive anyway as to be of no real value.

Does Store Anything offer a reduced first period rental?

No, we see our competitors offering half price for two months – actually 8 weeks – which makes them competitive with us for those 8 weeks, there after their prices double, ours remains the same.

Do you charge by the week or month?

We charge by the calendar month so the year is made up of 12 rental periods, many of our competitors charge by the week making 13 rental periods.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we charge a standard £100.00 deposit for your keys, padlock and the condition of your self-storage container. Provided all items are returned in the same condition they were let your deposit is fully refundable.

Do I have to take out your insurance?

No, and we do not offer insurance. Your own insurance should cover items in store here but check with your insurer. Many of our competitors sell expensive insurance which in most cases is completely unnecessary.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Just email us giving us two weeks notice.

How much does storage cost?

Please see our price guide or give us a ring for non-standard self-storage requirements.

How does self storage at Store Anything work?

It’s simple, you rent a self-storage container, we give you a lock, keys and an access code and you deliver and collect your goods whenever it suits you.

What are your opening hours?

The office is open 8am until 4.30pm Monday to Friday but once you have your keys and access code you can visit your storage anytime you like.

What kind of security do you have?

We have infrared CCTV, intruder alarm, locked access gates, security lighting and a perimeter fence as well as purpose made locks and high security padlocks on all our self-storage containers.

What is the minimum rental period?

One calendar month.

What is included in the price – are there any hidden extras?

There are no extras or add-ons.

Do you offer any discounts?

No, our prices are the most competitive around.

Do I pay weekly or monthly?

Calendar monthly.

How long can I stay?

As long as you like.

How quickly can I move in?

Today (subject to availability).

What do I need to open a contract?

You need to pay a deposit and sign our licence agreement, that’s it.

What kind of payment methods are available?

We request payment of your first month’s rent and deposit by debit card and thereafter request you set up a monthly BACS payment. We do not take cheques or cash.

Can I transfer to another container if I need more or less space?

Yes, as long as one is available.

How often can I have access to my goods?

As often as you like, whenever you like.

Can you take delivery of goods on my behalf?

Yes, that’s no problem just let us know what and when and what you would like us to do with them.

Do you have forklifts on site?

We do and are happy to unload and move goods for you within reason although we cannot let clients drive them.

How do I get my goods to you?

Either you or your remover can bring goods in, just back straight up to your self-storage container to unload.

How high are your storage containers?

2.3 meters.

Do you have trolleys available?

You won’t need one, unlike our competitors you don’t have to push your belongings along corridors or up in lift, just back up and unload.

Do you offer storage for business?

Of course, it’s a big part of what we do.

Do you sell packaging?

No, we prefer to direct or clients to the wholesale packaging suppliers who will deliver directly to your door.

Can I book online?

Not as such, you can email, telephone or visit our office during working hours.

Can I store in a number of containers?

As many as you like.

Do I have to pay a new deposit for every container I hire?

No, you can hire multiple self-storage containers on the one deposit but you will only have the deposit returned once the last container and keys are returned to us.

I am worried about condensation in storage containers.

The principle here is simple; dry in, dry out. We have never had a problem and store all our archives and photographs in one.

How do I know what size unit I will need?

Have a look at our space calculator or come and see us. If you do find you have not booked enough space we will find another one for you to over-spill into.

You only have two sizes of container, isn’t that rather inflexible?

For very small storage requirements yes but as we are half the price of the larger, branded storage companies this becomes less of an issue.




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