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Located on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells, we can provide congestion free access at all times of the day and an affordable alternative to fixed office and warehousing costs. Businesses can make considerable space and rental savings when storing with Store Anything.

We can take in deliveries on your behalf and facilitate collections if you are not available.

Our yard is protected by 360 degree, live-feed CCTV, security fencing and pin-coded automatic access gates.

business storage tunbridge wells

In our containers we can store seasonally used hoardings and exhibition equipment, surplus furniture as well as pallets delivered for when these are required.

Store your company archives with us giving you the flexibility to manage them how you will and access them when you want.

Avoid entering into long term, inflexible rental agreements by using our flexible business storage options allowing you to take the space you need when – and only when – you need it.

For your larger items we have good HGV access and parking, forklifts and operators for off-loading.

We offer business storage solutions to a wide range of businesses including auctioneers, architects, accountants, solicitors, eBay traders, electrical contractors, estate agents, plumbers, builders, specialist subcontractors, printing and publishing companies, charities, wholesalers, removal companies, import/export companies, hotels, communications companies and security companies and many others.

“Thanks for a wonderful service, those containers were nice enough to live in! If there was a ‘trip-advisor’ for self-storage you’d get rave reviews!”

Molly, Store Anything Customer

Store Anything Business Storage Frant Tunbridge Wells


Why do you need business self storage?

We offer commercial storage options for businesses who need to put excess stock, inventory, supplies documents, office furniture or records into a secure alternative to a large warehouse facility.

If you have need seasonal storage or have office space limitations, our business storage units provides a convenient, affordable and flexible solution to meet these storage needs without the expense of renting a larger office or warehouse space. And if you are using your garage as a storage room for your small business, use our units instead, ideal for shelving and boxes.

We also offer an incoming postal delivery service, so we are well suited to a small online retailer who may need a cheap logistics operational base for their merchandise to pick, pack and dispatch from. Our secure premises will give you peace of mind that your stock is safe.

We are a storage business based in Frant, just outside of Tunbridge Wells, so we are in an ideal location for anyone in Kent or Sussex looking for secure storage facilities.

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